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Decompilation does have its drawbacks, because lots of data and readability constructs are lost during the original compilation process, and they cannot be reproduced. Since the science of decompilation is still young, and results are "good" but not "great", this page will limit itself to a listing of decompilers, and a general but brief discussion of the possibilities of decompilation.

Official: Recomended to Sierra macpkg. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Thankfully, a sample was included, so the first part — of reproducing the bug — was already taken care of:. My first guess was that we might have code that dismisses the view controller, and we wrongfully dismiss the parent. Before there was visual debugging, the common way to inspect the hierarchy was using po [[UIWindow keyWindow] recursiveDescription] in LLDB, which prints out the whole view hierarchy in text form.

LLDB is quite powerful and can also be scripted. Facebook released a collection of python scripts named Chisel that help a lot with daily debugging. The most obvious action is setting a breakpoint on viewWillDisappear: to see the stack trace:. The Xcode breakpoint interface is very powerful, allowing you to add conditions, skip counts, or even custom actions like playing a sound effect and automatically continuing. However, when we tap quickly, this breakpoint is called twice.

Is there a second dimming view? Is it called on the same instance? We only have the assembly on this breakpoint, so calling po self will not work. With some basic knowledge of assembly and function-calling conventions, we can still get the value of self. So what we need is the first object on the stack. Another technique to track method execution is overriding the methods with a log statement before calling super. Top Features: -Thesaurus database with synonyms -Automatic publishing to Wordpress blogs -Spintax syntax highlighting -Unlimited nested spinning -Lightweight, easy-to-use interfaceTo write a article template Article Spinner 2 uses spintax.

Spintax is a common standard for article spinning. Here is a simple example. If you spin this text with Article Spinner 2 it will randomly chose one of the words between the brackets. So the first output could be: My house is green. The second output could be: My car is yellow. If you use enough synonyms your generated texts will be unique.

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To make it easier for you Article Spinner 2 has a Thesaurus integrated, which is a database with more than With this synonyms you can easily rewrite your articles to generate hundreds of unique articles. You can use your generated unique articles on your sites or in article directories to promote your website. Of course there are a lot of more ways to use the Article Spinner 2 for example to create some posts in forums and get so some new visitors to your site. In the Screenshots you can see an example text with some Text Spinning.

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The results are unique articles which were used on websites and forums to promote a website. To publish your posts you can use the integrated Wordpress Publish Feature. With one simple click you can publish your articles on your Wordpress blog. Article Spinner 2 does the rest for you. Note: Scanned PDF file is not supported. Email: hewbo. Logic Pro X Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.

Logic Pro X. OLLY 1.

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Enter grades, attendance, journals, photos, activities and more. Print out grade reports, transcripts, and yearbook pages for your homeschooled students. Calendar Cleaner 1.

inununricnorth.tk If you're like us, your calendar is how you manage your life. And that means that bad data can mean a really bad day—or worse. Calendar Cleaner removes duplicates, finds subtle problems with your events, and keeps everything clean as a whistle. It saved me the trouble of manually filtering through nearly 30, calendar records, dating back to , to remove about 3, duplicate records that had been created by sync misfires over the last 10 years of Palm and Mac OS syncing. It's saved me hours of headache and heartache.

I've been having some issues with a self-duplicating calendar event and it cleaned it up! Syncing now is normal and trouble free. Great scan speed for iCal events! With CollageFactory, you can make photo collage and holiday e-greeting card effortlessly. As a blend of mac photo collage maker and greeting card maker, CollageFactory has lots of templates that will transform photos into amazing collage or magical greeting card. Also, it is a nice choice to make scrapbook, poster and more.

AllAboutFiles 2. It's able to scan thousands of files per second on a modern Mac. It lets you easily find out where large numbers of files exist, and where your disk space is being used.

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Point AllAboutFiles to a directory on you Mac and it will scan that directory and all sub-directories make a count of the files and keeping a running total of the sizes of the files in all directories. The results are displayed in a tree structure which can be sorted by name, file count, or file size. You can view the contents of each directory and see information about each file.

Open directories or files directly from with the app so you can clean up.

Screenshots Hopper Disassembler 3.0.9 - Powerful disassembler tool for cross-platform binaries

What's New Added the ability to save the scanned file tree with counts as a comma-separated-value CSV file. Added the ability to compress a folder in place. The original folder is moved to the trash and the parent folder file count is updated. Other minor bug fixes. It helps you convert DVD to almost all video and audio formats. It also enables you to backup DVD to all popular video formats and audio formats with high conversion speed.

It supports conversion for portable devices and also provides optimized output setting for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV etc.

Main Features Save DVD to all popular video and audio formats.