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As of today, we have to no details on future upgrades, but Maxon is offering steep discounts for users willing to switch to subscription. We highly recommend contacting your local Maxon representative as they can offer discounts and guidance for you to make the right decision. The Cinema 4D subscription program comes with a few options.

Choosing the right subscription is really going to come down to a few factors, primarily being if you will be using Redshift with other DCC Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, etc. If you already own Redshift, and use it with other 3D programs, it makes sense to purchase the annual Cinema 4D only subscription. Cinema 4D annual subscription with standard Redshift maintenance. If you do not own Redshift, you still have a few things to think over. If you only plan on using Redshift with Cinema 4D, the bundle is actually the best option for new users.

Cinema 4D annual subscription with new Redshift license. As stated previously, while the bundle is the cheaper option for new users, if you intend to use Redshift with any other compatible 3D program, you need to buy a new license from Redshift. The bundled Redshift renderer only works with Cinema 4D. Now we know this is a lot of information to take in, so we wanted to simplify the process with this mind-map guide.

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What is Cinema 4D?

So, you are considering moving to Cinema 4D. Should you fall in love with Cinema 4D like we have, then you have all the options above to choose from. Follow along with the guide as you do have some challenges presented to you. Users moving to a subscription now are being offered deals, so definitely look into any possible discount you are eligible for.

Cine Designer + C4D FAQ

If you are set on avoiding the subscription entirely, your only course of action is to contact Maxon directly. The company has assured us that an upgrade path will be made available to perpetual license owners, but those details have not been made public. Want to stay up to date with the latest software? Browse our free tutorials and check out Greyscalegorilla Plus for all the professional training 3D artists and motion designers need to hone their skills.

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But this subscription model is exactly what I needed. Just like Adobe CC. That decision tree pretty much always leads to subscription. Not interested in a subscription — ever. Will pay more if we have to and also look at switching to another app dcc.

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We keep older copies available — and have needed them. Also r21 will break all plugins — so some plugins may never be updated — not good. Maxon is not like Adobe. Also I see why GG would like this — if we sold plugins. I would too if thats what we did. Your decision tree is incomplete. The choices do not trickle down to subscription or bundled subscription. There is actually a third path: you own an R21 perpetual license and simply upgrade it annually. No questions like: you need file-access after you stopp paying?

Again disappointment from Maxon. UV and modeling tools are again so limited and old school. I already and decided to transition to Blender 2. C4D is a good tool but not as easy as they claim and very expensive for what it gives. What if I have R21 with a subscription license and R22 comes out. Does that mean that if we update only R22 will work?

Or does R21 still work? We always have a period where we work with both the old and new version. Or do I need to pay for both R21 and R22 for that time? That would be very bad! Also when you need to open an old project for a client. We always used command line render licenses for our render slaves. U kunt tot aan die vervaldatum blijven rekenen op alle services die deel uitmaken van het contract, zoals technische support, service packs of upgrades.

Na de vervaldatum kunt u het contract niet meer verlengen. Op dat moment zit u in scenario 2 hieronder. Scenario 2: u heeft een oudere licentie Met een oudere permanente licentie van Cinema 4D heeft u deze drie mogelijkheden: U behoudt uw permanente licentie en doet geen upgrades. Dit is de goedkoopste optie. U upgrade uw permanente licentie aan de op dat moment geldende upgradeprijs. Dit is vrij duur, maar u behoudt wel uw permanente licentie. Op dat moment vervalt het serienummer van uw permanente licentie. Met deze optie verliest u dus uw permanente licentie.

Die licentie wordt per maand afgerekend. Wanneer u de overeenkomst verbreekt, verliest u de licentie. U kunt een licentie kopen.

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Dit is een permanente licentie. Voor deze licentie kunt u geen Servicecontract afsluiten. Om deze licentie up to date te houden, moet u ofwel upgraden wat duur is of overschakelen naar een huurlicentie dit is goedkoper, maar u verliest de permanente licentie. Wat met mijn Cinema 4D-partner Design Express? Ook voor Design Express heeft deze verandering gevolgen. U kunt tot minstens die datum bij ons terecht voor Cinema 4D-trainingen.

Cinema 4D is een zeer mooi product. Tegelijk richt het zich steeds meer op een specifieke niche binnen de 3D-wereld.