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A doddle to set up and easy to follow instructions for anyone who's not so tech savvy.

Using Your Old PC's Keyboard and Mouse with a Mac - dummies

There are some useful shortcut keys built right in, certainly the home, screen brightness and hide keyboard buttons are very handy! The layout is comfortable for a compact design, key presses feel reassuringly sturdy - there's a definite switch action for each key and while not as good as a cherry mx red, the keys feel well built.

There's no backlighting, but frankly as a touch typer that's no issue for me, YMMV it would only run the batteries down anyway The only issue I've found Add to Basket. Works fine with my PS4. Just chuck in a couple of AAA batteries and press the little black button on the underside to pair go to the settings menu and select devices, then Bluetooth devices, select Caseflex BT Keyboard and go through the quick pairing process. The keyboard is comfy for me to use and it seems well put together. Seems like a genuine little bargain for the money.

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How to use an Apple Keyboard Volume Keys on Windows 10

I have never left a product review on anything before I find them extremely tedious. But this keyboard is absolutely fantastic. I just received it, pulled the tab on the back batteries were included and paired it to my Windows 10 PC, my MacBook Pro and my iPhone which i'm typing this review on, whilst the phone is in a charging dock!

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Took a total of 5 minutes. I have average sized hands and it's easy to speed type on. Easy to mix work and personal gadget typing quickly. Apple Wireless Keyboard Renewed. Currently unavailable. I just purchased this and the serial number was taken off with some sort of tool slightly concerning still came in new packaging though?

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Lovely keyboard. Only minor quibble is that the Ctrl key isn't in the normal place for Windows users. Rii i9 Bluetooth 3. I have to say I wasn't expecting much given the price. Once again this issue was solved either through the manufacturers providing software to remap the keys, or by producing special Mac compatible versions of their keyboards. This style of keyboard uses a radio transmitter in the keyboard to talk to a receiver, usually located in a dongle that plugs into a USB port.

Switch to Mac: Bring your hardware with you

Some RF keyboards will work with Macs and others will not. The problem is in the RF dongle and whether the manufacturer has built the dongle to emulate a standard USB keyboard connection; if so, it should work fine with the Mac. If you must use an RF keyboard, track down the manufacturer and make sure they have a Mac version of the driver software. Special Key Differences Generally, there are at least five special keys on a Windows keyboard that have a different name or location than their Mac counterparts.

This simple remapping lets you correct one of the most common issues associated with using a Windows keyboard with a Mac, and that is the physical location of the Alt and Windows keys. As noted above, the Alt key is the same as the Option key on the Mac, while the Windows key is the same as the Command key. The problem is that on a Windows keyboard, these two keys are swapped in respect to their normal placement on the Mac keyboard.

Since their functions are identical, you could just get used to their locations on the Windows keyboard. Luckily, you can swap the locations using the Keyboard preference pane.

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Remapping the modifier keys is on a keyboard-by-keyboard basis. In other words, if you have a MacBook Pro, with its built-in keyboard, as well as a separate Windows keyboard you use when sitting at your desk, you can choose to only modify the Windows keyboard, while leaving the built-in keyboard untouched. If you have more than one keyboard connected to your Mac, use the dropdown menu to select the keyboard you wish to have the modifier keys remapped on.

Using a Windows PC Keyboard on Mac with Remapped Windows & ALT Keys

If you have a single keyboard connected to your Mac, there will be no dropdown menu for selecting a keyboard. Most third-party keyboard re-mappers will let you reassign the usual modifier keys, as well as some specialty keys that may be included in the keyboard, such as multimedia keys and all the function keys. The downside of third-party keyboard drivers is that as Apple updates the Mac OS , there may come a time when a keyboard driver is no longer supported.

Microsoft has included a comprehensive help section, so if you want to get the most out of the app, be sure to check it out. Apple Blog Latest News. Backup your a Mac.

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