Photoshop cs6 crashes on startup mac

No logs, no crash.

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Result 1: With sudo , The application with bundle ID com. Was this a clean install of Adobe or an "restore" from a Time Machine backup?

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I have personally had issues when going from one issue to the next Mavericks to Yosemite and Yosemite to El Capitan and migrating my software instead of clean installing it. Doing a clean install fixed my issue each time. At the time of this writing, Adobe wasn't experiencing any issues with Illustrator. See macOS Sierra However, they do provide a link for people to report bugs. If doing a clean install doesn't solve the problem I would report the problem.

How To Stop Premiere Pro From Crashing - Tutorial

To find the Adobe App Manager, search Google for "other adobe downloads" then go to. From there, I selected Macintosh, once you download and install the updated Adobe App Manager, then launch and follow the steps to re-install. It seemed to disappear after confirming my Serial Number, then I re-launched the Adobe Illustrator installer, re-entered my Serial Number and it installed. We have Illustrator CS6, , , You may be trying to hard with sudo and all the attempts.

Photoshop CS6 does not open; Crashes immediately???

I would probably make a new os install wipe the drive after you backup or install on to an external drive then only install your Illustrator. At that point you can decide to migrate users or data or decide to move on to a newer version. Adobe is hard and all the versions are hard. I would choose if you worry about file changes to layout - runs so much better than with no downside for file interoperability we have noticed.

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Things that I tried: App crash. X Native Crashed Thread: Segmentation fault: Dispatch queue: PlugPlugOwl 0xda9e2ef int boost:: PlugPlugOwl 0xda9cf01 boost:: Reinstall software Install only run with sudo. Create another user Edit 1. First run with sudo , then crash. Updated to Now there two results Edit 2.

Adobe Premiere Pro Crashes At Startup [Fixed] – Omkar Bhagat

Result 2: Without sudo , maybe this is a big clue: The app not even bounce on Dock. Updated from Mavericks to Sierra recently. Id CS6 is basically unusable now. I am also running CS6, I had to update or downgrade the Java javaforosx.

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My Mac Pro laptop is also a system. This sort of convinces me to stick with Yosemite and CS6 as, not being able to use ID to generate income I am retired , the subscription model is impractical for me, yet I want to go on using ID for personal projects and I want to be able to reopen documents I have created in the past. Office suite for example. Cheers guys. I did downloaded some java thing in order for Illustrator CS6 to open, but maybe it was a different one.

To follow up on my above issue.

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The Cylance Antivirus software was the issue. Removed the software after providing dental records and a kidney to IT and everything is working as expected. I am having major slowness issues when selecting text on an innocent, unbloated, uncomplicated file.

Thinking of downgrading to El Capitan because of other issues and this is just more confirmation. But the gist of it is — if the panels that are slow to open they open eventually but take quite a while then there is something else that you may like to try. This is something that has been causing problems for Indesign CS6 for some years now. It should be back to full speed.

You could also look at whether you might have duplicate fonts in your system. Since Mavericks this has also been the cause of this sort of behaviour in Indesign. After updating to High Sierra Now I am back to full speed. I found that font management software had somehow duplicated a ton of fonts during an update.

I removed all the fonts and then just added them back in as I needed them and the slow panels issue disappeared completely. Our guide to discovering all the great resources on the site!

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