Install cm10 hp touchpad mac

As of April 2, the files where malware and virus free from the sources I have shared below.

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A benefit of using this method is that it is dual boot, meaning that you can either choose webOS or Android when you restart your Touchpad! If you do not follow these instructions carefully, there is a chance that you can brick your device. While this is a risk, I have never had this happen. Please read through all the instructions before doing anything. Let's Get Started!!! These files are required before doing the next step. Android Installation Package Downloads: Roland Recommended - CM10 Android 4. On a PC: Mac OS X users will need to start a Terminal window.

On your PC: Last edited by Blenderite; at I am not a Moderator. I just like helping people out! Originally Posted by Blenderite.

The *official* Android on the HP Touchpad owner's thread -

How to Install Android on the HP Touchpad After getting several request for help after mentioning how easy it is in another thread, I decided to create a dedicated how-to thread on the topic. You will when Seth kills webOS Well explained! I don't have a touchpad but yea, as I said, well explained! After the TouchPad is recognized, create a file in the main folder named cminstall.

Reconnect the tablet to the computer and let the computer recognize it, installing the necessary USB drivers.

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  • TouchPad Toolbox: Installing Android on the HP TouchPad.
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Use the command prompt to install the files stored on the TouchPad. Remove any quotations. Go to Start or the Windows Icon and type cmd in the search box. Find the Palm, Inc folder. The easiest way is to highlight the text and then in the command prompt, right click with the mouse and select paste. Then press enter and watch code start streaming on the screen of the TouchPad. You can update CyanogenMod with the latest nightly build so you have the latest version, but keep in mind that the CyanogenMod 9 still contains bugs.

CM11 by Jcsullins http: Read the detail guide in the link above for those want to keep WebOS. There is youtube video guide in the link also showing the steps.

Alternative Operating Systems For The HP TouchPad

The video in the detail guide linked above choice the following but you can pick other one in the detail guide: Touchpad reboots into Touchpad Toolbox automatically. Read the detail guide above for those want to keep WebOS. Eject the USB drive for Touchpad. Touchpad Toolbox checks the zip files. It then lets you confirm OS installation, initializes partitions, and starts installing recovery zip. Once the recovery is installed, Touchpad reboots into the recovery automatically. Recovery automatically installs ROM and gapps. Just wait. Once done, Touchpad reboots automatically to enter the chosen Android system.

Use the following CM Up to date CM These files generally require the resizing of the partitions on your Touchpad. November Edit: Revised install info as of November 9, This is the website I used to do mine and I found it clear and easy, however, others have run into some issues as there can be some ambiguity, so the instructions below are a rewrite, that omits useless info and clarifies all the necessary info. If you haven't already installed webosquickinstall on the computer that you are using, download it from http: Click on the icon showing you a ZIP file from a cloud to download the compressed file.

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Once uncompressed, open the file under the BIN folder and you should be up and ready! If for any reason this won't work, try installing Java on your computer To install CM9, you'll will need to download the following files, Acme Installer 3 [ box. Latest version is from September 29, For Windows computers, navigate to " C: Tap "USB Drive". Navigate to the Touchpad drive and open it, then make a new folder on the Touchpad's drive and name it " cminstall " without the quotes.

Copy the 4. Do not extract the contents of these.

The *official* Android on the HP Touchpad owner's thread

When the files are done copying, close the Touchpad window you opened to copy files, then "safely unmount" your Touchpad. On a Windows computer, there will be an icon by the clock to do this OR right-click on the Touchpad drive on your computer an choose "eject". Then unplug your usb cable to disconnect it. Hold down the power button on the Touchpad and choose shut down. Once the Touchpad has shut down, press and hold down the " volume up " and the power button until your Touchpad starts. Again, connect your Touchpad to your computer via the usb cable. Open a command window on your computer. For Windows computers, press start then type " cmd " into the search bar and hit enter. Copy and paste " cd C: You should see 2 penguins and lots of lines of texts.

Hp Touchpad Flashing Android Jellybean on OS X Tutorial)

It will spend some time installing the. It will boot into CM9 by default after 7 seconds. If you want to navigate the boot menu screen Moboot , use the volume up and down keys, and enter your choice by pressing the Home button on the Touchpad's bezel. After booting Android, connect to your wifi router by tapping the 6 dots in the top right corner, then navigate to the "Settings" icon, tap on "Settings" then navigate to "Wifi" and connect to the wifi signal of your choice.

Then navigate to the " Security " option on the Settings page and scroll the right side until " Unknown sources " is visible and tap to check it.

Upgrade To Android First!

This is required to install apps from apps stores like Amazon or from a web page.