Mac os x project management software

One of the strengths of Basecamp is the ease of communication from within the tool—no separate communication apps are needed. It also provides a secure way to exchange project files. OmniPlan works on the Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Top 5 Project Management Apps For Mac Users

It includes many features that you'd expect from a good project management software package. Features include:. You can also easily export files from and import files to Microsoft Project, which can be a great timesaver if you're migrating from that environment or if some of your team works on it. Plus, OmniPlan was designed specifically for the Mac, so it takes full advantage of Mac features. This software includes many of the same advanced tools as MS Project and other project management software—tools such as:.

This project management software for Macs lets you create a master schedule that contains all of your projects, which is very helpful if your resources work on more than one project. Here's just some of what you can do:. This project management app is available for the Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. It lets you focus on managing your resources so your project runs smoothly. You can also take advantage of the different project views such as the calendar view, the Gantt view, the critical path view, and more, to see the information you need quickly.

The Project Planning Pro website includes some instructional videos as well as a PDF version of the user manual that you can download. QuickPlan project management software for the Mac lets you use many keyboard shortcuts gestures for iOS devices to save you time. The Outline panel shows task properties in grid format.

There's also a Gantt chart to help you see and maintain your project. The Today widget lets you quickly view what needs to be done right away. Daylite was made for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone--but also synchs to the cloud. Use it on a wide variety of project types.

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It's especially good at keeping a history of project-related communications and tasks. Link resources to your project and define roles. Not only does it include many project management features, the additional features mean you can also use it as a CRM and lead management tool. Daylite offers a large number of tutorials as well has help through live chat or by email. The project management tools listed below are cloud-based. While they don't necessarily have a Mac version, they can be used on multiple platforms.

15 Best Mac Project Management Software for 2018

Here's our list of cloud-based project management software for Macs:. Like most cloud-based project management tools, Wrike has great collaborative features. You'll also find the Gantt charts, workflows, status updates, and many other project management features you need. Real-time reports let you to build and instantly share reports. It also includes time-saving features like Dynamic Request, which automatically assigns a request to the right team. Plus, your data is secure with enterprise class security. Wrike offers different levels of project management solutions based on your needs and the type of projects you manage.

This popular project management software tool is ideal for Agile software development project management projects that require Scrum, Kanban, and other Agile methods. Quickly get a project overview by viewing the Scrum or Kanban boards. You can also easily create over a dozen Agile reports, such as a Burnup chart, a Cumulative flow diagram, a Version report, and more. You can also add compatible apps that increase Jira's capabilities—choose from over 3, Trello is a cloud-based software management tool that lets you organize your projects on boards. You can see at a glance what tasks are completed and which remain to be done.

You can use Trello to communicate with team members and share files. I've personally used this tool, so I can confidently say it's easy to use.

Top 10 Mac Project Management Tools

Because Trello is always synched no matter what platform you're working from, the information you see is always current. This cloud-based project management tool lets you build project plans, create assignments, and schedule resources quickly and efficiently. Its focus is on the needs of service-based businesses and on meeting project needs at every phase of a service project's life cycle— build a Gantt chart, schedule tasks, and track each project's critical path.

With the Global Project List that shows all your projects you can even use Mavenlink your business.

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With ProWorkflow, you'll find many helpful project management features such as:. With the dashboard, you can quickly see a summary of your current status as well as view completed or upcoming work. ProWorkflow also has built-in messaging and resource management features. Clarizen is designed for collaboration.

here The cloud-based tool lets you control import aspects of your project such as risk and request management, task management, time tracking, and expense management. Create a schedule that lets you easily track and update your project's progress. Because Clarizen is cloud-based, you benefit from having a centralized document repository where you can store your files, presentations, and more. This project management tool, designed specifically for agile teams, makes the most of the cloud by providing you with centralized data.

This said, Monday. You can add tasks, projects, goals and to-dos on a single board. Then add task owners and track their progress from the same location. The intuitiveness of this single-dashboard design helps you plan your workload and spot potential bottlenecks ahead. A small team, on the other hand, will find the solution ideal to invite third-party users like clients and stakeholders. A board can be shared and permission set for external users.

That, on top of its Android and iOS apps, plus accessibility via popular browsers, makes Basecamp one of the most ideal tools for remote collaboration. It is, arguably, a popular choice among outsourced projects: handy, easy to set up across devices, highly integrated with popular email clients and has got an all-in pricing. A novice project leader will have no problem using its features from the get-go. Having argued for its simplicity, Basecamp is evidently for small to medium teams. The tools are rudimentary and the interface tends to create a confusing, compartmentalized messages for more complex projects.

Weighing these Basecamp pros and cons , you can get a tool that helps you keep tab of tasks, a basic message board to keep everyone in the loop and a chat room. It allows unlimited users, unlimited projects and GB storage. Merlin Project , now on version 5, is an obvious choice for Mac project management software, the one platform designed exclusively for macOS and iOS.

Its on premise-only setup and license fees make it a tad less appealing than its SaaS-based Mac-accessible competitors and tend to dilute the many Merlin Project benefits. For teams with a tech backup, Merlin Project is a logical choice. You can also set duration and fixed milestones for control.

Budgets and costs can easily be adjusted to time-plan changes and you get to pick your preferred template for workflow charts and reports. You can even store repeat structure templates in its Library for future standard projects. Plus Merlin Project version 5 now features kanban boards, groupings, resource pool and new style editor. It cannot match the flexibility of our first four choices for Mac, especially adapting to a variety of project management methodologies like waterfall, Gantt Charts and other structured hierarchies. But for agile, Trello is cool.

The use of boards, lists and cards is proven in organizing task priorities and keeping all team members accountable. The Trello dashboard is also one of the neatest, perhaps done only by Asana in intuitiveness. Trello is more of a tactical tool than a strategic planning platform. It does deliver the goods for small to medium projects.

You can even use this alongside fully featured but rather complex project management solutions like Smartsheet. Trello pricing: You can get Trello for free for personal projects.

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  7. The next project management tools are purely cloud-hosted and accessible via browser from a variety of devices including MacBooks and iMacs. Smartsheet is fully functional on Mac via browser, it lacks for a desktop app. The Smartsheet details take after the familiar Excel spreadsheet interface. The idea is to wean users from cumbersome spreadsheets and let them experience the more powerful features of a cloud-hosted solution.

    #1 OpenProject Project Management Software - Installation on windows

    The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Smartsheet free trial here. It offers multiple views such as Gantt Charts, team availability, calendar, card view and timelines. Besides, the solution has plenty of templates for a variety of project types. The pacakge includes 10 sheets, reports, multiple views and forms.