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OpenGL does not offer us any support for audio capabilities like many other aspects of game development.

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We have to manually load audio files into a collection of bytes, process and convert them to an audio stream and manage multiple audio streams appropriately for use in our game. This is however slightly complicated and requires some low-level knowledge of audio engineering.

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If it is your cup of tea then feel free to manually load audio streams from several audio file extensions. We are, however, going to make use of library for audio management called irrKlang. It also features several audio effects like reverb, delay and distortion that can be extensively tweaked.

IrrKlang is an easy-to-use audio library that can play most audio files with just a few lines of code, making it a perfect candidate for our Breakout game. Note that irrKlang has a slightly restrictive license: you are allowed to use irrKlang as you see fit for non-commercial purposes, but you have to pay for their pro version whenever you want to use irrKlang commercially. Since Breakout and this tutorial series are non-commercial, we're freely allowed to use their standard library.

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You can download irrKlang from their download page; we're going to use version 1. Because irrKlang is closed-source we cannot compile the library ourselves so we'll have to do with whatever irrKlang provided for us.

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Luckily they have plenty of precompiled library files so most of you should be just fine. Once you included the header files of irrKlang, added their library irrKlang.

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So after testing forum engines and lots of reading I've decided on where this community will go. It's simplicity is also what makes it's special. Some cool vintage synth sounds and chiptune building blocks here.

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I always wondered if Wendy Carlos was involved in the brilliant sound design of these games. Especially fun for kids learning to read and type. Sourced from a UK model so it's got a cute British accent. Floer Lickshot Archieve [ Here are some links to free sound file sites to help get you started using Soundplant, with a varied assortment of sound sources, from standard sound effects libraries to audiophile samples of orchestral instruments to field recordings from around the world to breakbeats to experimental sound art to early electronic instruments:.